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How to Delete States or Elements in a PowerPoint Map

In this video, I’m going to talk about how to delete objects that you don’t want in your editable PowerPoint World of Maps clip art.

Our maps are easy to customize for your sales, marketing, or educational presentations or projects. Every object in one of our maps is an independent individual object that can be customized. The techniques shown here also work with Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

How to Delete Elements

Before you start deleting elements be sure to make a copy of your map. Never work on the original.

  • We often need to delete things on our maps. We might want to remove text, or some states so we can create a custom map. There are a couple of different ways to delete elements.
  • The Delete Key is located on the upper right-hand side of your keyboard. It can also be called the Back Space Key, or sometimes it has an arrow pointing to the left.
  • Click on the element with your pointer. You know it is selected because you will see eight handles around the edge of the element. I’ll click on Hawaii and I can hit the Delete key on the keyboard and that gets rid of it.
  • I can also select several objects by dragging the pointer around them and then go to Cut in the Edit pull-down menu. Or click on the Delete key in the upper right corner of your keyboard. I usually use the delete key. It’s easier. Tip
    If you are creating a custom area out of your map and deleting a lot of elements; it is often easier to delete what you don’t want, than to select what you do want. You need to pay attention to what you are deleting. Dragging around elements with your pointer can quickly clear away what you don’t want. Be sure to not delete
Our maps work with all versions of PowerPoint. Some of the tools may be in different locations depending on which version of PowerPoint you have. But generally your customizing tools will be located in the Ribbon area at the top of the slide or in the upper right hand corner. Most of these instructions will also apply to Google Slides and Apple Keynote. 
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