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Free Royalty-Free Maps You Can Download and Use for Your Personal, Commercial and Education Projects-

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Bible Maps Clip Art Collection

Bible Maps

Royalty-Free Vintage, JPG Antique Maps, and Editable PowerPoint Maps

Full Bible Maps Collection

Between modern maps and antique ones, you can cover the new and old testaments. All modern maps are available as editable PowerPoint files. Each country map contains individual elements that can be colored or customized, all text is editable. Each map comes in its own file. The antique maps are jpg files and can be edited in a program like Photoshop. The maps are perfect for creating presentations, handouts, or classroom products.

  • Middle East country and regional maps, editable PowerPoint format
  • Middle East country and regional maps, jpg format, jpg versions of the PowerPoint maps
  • Antique Bible maps, cities, regions, and holy sites, jpg format
  • Middle East Antique country and region maps, jpg format


Maps are royalty-free and can be shared with your church and class. Download to your computer for religious church studies, homeschooling, educational projects, or class materials.


Editable PowerPoint Country Maps Included: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, and Uzbekistan. Regions include Africa, Israel/the Middle East. Also includes JPG versions of each map.

Antique Bible Maps Included: Califate 750, Damascus 1912, Eastern Roman Empire, Hebron 1912, Isfahan Iran 1942, Jaffa 1912
Jerusalem 1883, Jerusalem 1912, Jerusalem David 1000BC, Jerusalem Herodian Period, Jerusalem Later Monarchy, Jerusalem Northern Walls, Macedonia empire 336_323, Mashed Iran 1942, Modern Jerusalem 1915, Mt Carmel 1912, Mt Sinai 1912, Nazareth 1912

Oriental Empire, Ottoman dismemberment, Ottoman 1683, Palestine 1020BC, Persia Afghanistan 1856, Persian Empire, Petra 1912, Red Sea 1860, Sidon 1912, Smyrna harbor 1882, Socotra 1886, Suez 1856, Tabriz Iran 1943, Tehran Iran 1947, Troy vicinity

Jerusalem Maccabees 168BC, Jerusalem Solomon 970BC, Palaestina 1849, SW Turkomania 1887, Ancient Jerusalem, Antioch 192, Arabic Ascendency 1884
Asia Minor 1140, Asia Minor 1849, Asia Minor_P20, Asia Minor Roman Power, Assyrian Empire 750_625, Baghdad 1849, Basra Iraq 1942, Beirut2 1912, Bethlehem 1912, Ancient Palestine 1926, Aleppo 1912, Alden Gulf 1860

Middle East Regional Antique Maps Included: Dead Sea Jordan 184_, Egypt 1800, Iran 1855, Iran Pakistan 1904, Iran Persia 1774, Middle East 18__, Mid East 1666, Palestine 1650, Palestine 1720, Palestine 1752, Palestine 1783.

PowerPoint maps, each map is an individual file, fully editable, change colors, edit text, resize. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh PowerPoint, PowerPoint is also compatible with Apple Keynote Presentation software and Google Slides.

Antique maps are jpg files, 200dpi, variety of sizes, 3″x5″-9″x11″. JPG maps can be edited in any program similar to Adobe Photoshop.
The maps are royalty-free and can be used for commercial, non-commercial, non-profit, educational, and personal projects. Maps cannot be resold as a clip art collection but can be used in products, such as books, videos, books, t-shirts, tote bags, classroom handouts, education, etc.

Collection downloads as 4 zip files

Editable PowerPoint Samples

Egypt Country Map, Capitals. Names. Edit with PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator, includes a JPG version
Middle East powerpoint map in a presentation

All our PowerPoint maps are full editable in PowerPoint,
Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

Antique Historical Map Samples

Suez 1856, Antique Historical Map of the middle east
Mt Sinai 1912, antique historical map
Palestine 1020BC antique historical map

(Left Above), Suez 1856, (Left) Mt Sinai 1912, (Above) Palestine 1020B.C.,
(Right) The Red Sea 1860
Antique Maps are JPG files.

Red Sea, 1860 Antique Historical Maps