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About Us

J. Bruce Jones and Bruce Jones Design, is the developer and publisher of and the World of Maps royalty-free, clip art maps collection for presentations, illustration, graphic design, websites, education, and more. Our maps can be used for commercial, personal, non-profit, and educational projects. The collection includes a variety of World Projection and Globe Maps, US and Canada Maps, US State Maps, US County Maps, World Regional Maps and over 100 Countries. Maps can be downloaded and come in JPG format. Our maps are compatible with and application that accepts JPG files.
Content License, Click to learn more.
Copyright & Trademarks
World of Maps is a trademark of Bruce Jones Design. All of the maps that you see on this site were drawn by J. Bruce Jones and Bruce Jones Design. J. Bruce Jones is the copyright holder of all the maps. Maps are based on US Government Public Domain maps. © Copyright J. Bruce Jones 2006-2024
Microsoft, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and Adobe. All other trademarks, service marks, and registrations are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.
What Can You Do with Our Maps?

Subject to the Prohibited Uses (see bottom), the Content License allows users to:

  • All clip art maps can be downloaded and used for free
  • Use our clip art maps for free in your personal, commercial, non-profit and educational projects. On a t-shirt, logo or in a book is fine.
  • No permission needed. (although giving credit is always appreciated, “Maps courtesy © Copyright Bruce Jones Design 2024” works just fine).
  • Modify or adapt our clip art maps into new works.
  • Use in print, digital media, electronic, web, and video projects.

What is not permitted?

  • You cannot sell or distribute our clip art maps (either in digital or physical form) on a Standalone basis. Standalone means where no creative effort has been applied to the maps and it remains in substantially the same form as it exists on our website.
  • You cannot use our clip art maps in any immoral, misleading, or illegal way.
  • You cannot compile our clip art maps into a clip art collection and resell it.

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Our World of Map Collection can be purchased at

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Our Editable Royalty-Free Clip Art Map Sites
• PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator clip art maps,
• Antique Historical maps for presentations, design, and education,
• Individual PowerPoint maps for business, organizations, and education,
• Clip art PowerPoint and PDF maps for education and homeschooling,


“Thank you so much! I really am enjoying the program. It is working out perfectly.”
Executive Suites at Talega
San Clemente, CA


“Thank you. You guys are the best.”


“We LOVE your stuff!”
T. Webster


We have been looking for something like this for a very long time. We are sales reps where we need to divide ND in half and WY in half. And this worked perfectly… It was so easy to use too especially if you know how to use Publisher and even if you don’t these were pretty simple everyday Publisher tasks so it wouldn’t be hard for the newcomer.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Sierra Sales
South Dakota


“Thank you! Your product is wonderful. It has really saved the day for us.
Drug Policy Alliance”
Washington DC


“Thank you very much… I appreciate your personal service. This map helps me out in a big way with a presentation. So glad I found your services on the internet.”
UMC Health System


“Thank you very much for your message and the Mercator map! Impressive stuff! My compliments.”
Great Missenden
United Kingdom


“Thank God I found your website. I was almost in tears the night that I found your website. You see, I am still new at the place I work for. I work for a department that uses maps to show where we have sales people located throughout the United States including Alaska. We also use maps to show where our top consumer electronic customers are located. Thank you Bruce Jones Design.”