Editable PowerPoint Maps Royalty Free, Downloadable


Editable PowerPoint Maps for Presentations. Easy to Download and Color, Edit Text,
Highlight Regions

Do you need to set up a simple outline map for a presentation?

Do you want to have an easy to edit printable map right in your PowerPoint file.

Do you want to be able to click on a US State or
County map, or a World Country map, change the color,
maybe add some text, highlight a region?

Do you need to set up a Sales and Marketing Territory map?

Do you want the share this map with other people?

Do you need a simple map graphic for a web page?

Are you looking for USA or World or County or
Country maps in PowerPoint that are easy to change?


1. Here is What World of Maps Has Got

Easy to Color, Downloadable, Printable, Editable Maps in PowerPoint for Presentations, Illustrations, Design, Web sites and Education. A Full collection of World, USA, States, Counties, World Regions, Countries and Globes from World of Maps and www.bjdesign.com.

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Every State, County, Country and Text element is an individual object that can be easily colored, changed and customized to develop your project. Maps are Royalty Fee, easy to change and great for sharing with others.

All maps come in a PowerPoint slide, a program you already know and use. The maps work with all of the tools in the format pallet. They are easy to add to your current presentation, just copy and paste and easy to email around to all your people.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 to customize

Easy to Customize PowerPoint editable, royalty free clip art maps


2. Here’s What Our Maps Will Do for You

Our maps will give you a great looking, easier to make map presentation.

World of Maps editable maps from BJDesign.com are perfect for building a sales or marketing territory map, making art work for a web site, highlighting parts of the world for a presentation or quickly setting up a classroom lesson. They are also perfect for making a Printable, Blank Map, just remove the color, maybe customize a little and print.

Our maps are simple outlines filled with color that are Easy to Edit, Change Colors, Add or Delete Text, or Build Regions. Maps come built right in a PowerPoint slide, so just download, open and start customizing. Color States or Counties.

Our maps will let you highlight your information easily and clearly.

Easy to BUY at our immediate download site, World of Maps

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Who Uses Our Editable PowerPoint Maps?

All kinds of people use our editable maps, Bruce Jones Design has been drawing and selling editable maps since 1990. Our most common customer are sales and marketing people setting up a sales or marketing territory map, maybe something to send out to their sales force to let them know their territory for a web site.

Most of these folks just need a quick simple map that they can color. Many of them have come from using some of the more complex sales territory map products out there like; Microsoft MapPoint, Smart Draw, Territorymapper, Tech4t, and Maponics and just need a map that is simpler, easier to edit and something that works with PowerPoint. People who just want to click and color.

Who else: well just about every government agency you can name, including military and enforcement, big and small companies of all types, non-profit organizations, folks in all levels of education from grade school to college and home schools, missionary groups (I had no idea how many missionary groups and religions there are, they all need maps). Customers all over the globe, they need maps too.

A lot of our customers need to make a territory map for sales people and then want to put it up on their web site. Well PowerPoint can generate a nice jpg graphic quite easily from the same file. Just go to your Save As option in the File pull down menu and choose jpg in the format section instead of PowerPoint file. Presto a jpg file for your web guy.

Here are some very common questions that we get all the time about our editable maps.

I am the National Sales Manager for US company. I am looking for a very simple mapping software that I can use for board presentations and sales meetings. I want to be able to separate out states in groupings (depending on territory), add sales figures monthly, etc... Thank you for your help.

William Thomas, Omaha, NE

Hi William, thank you for visiting our site and for your question. Generally customers with this question use our 2 letter state name, USA editable PowerPoint map. Every state can be colored and customized. They are all individual objects so you can delete or pull them out to build a territory. This is just a PowerPoint file so there isn’t any way to automatically add in data but you can certainly add in the text as a block and move it to where you want, and then you will be able to customize every month. This is our most popular PowerPoint USA map.

PowerPoint is also great because it is easy to email and everyone can open the file, and most people have had some experience with it. This is a very popular map for just the uses you have outlined in your question.


How clear will the map image appear when it’s printed? Is it suitable for printing or only for presentations?

Tandi-Jo, Fairfax, Virginia

Our PowerPoint maps they are sharp and clear because all the maps are drawn in lines and are not bitmapped. So you will have a sharp crisp line no matter how big you print them.

Our maps are general area outline maps so if you are looking for lots of nooks and crannies, little harbors, etc. on your map you won’t find them, but for a nice basic outline map, that is what we have. We draw basic outline maps that are easy to color and edit. Remember all this depends on the printer that you are using but everything is sharp.


I need a world map, mentioning the country names, of which I can given the countries a certain color. The countries must be visible (readable) on a projection screen. It must be re-usable. I need to install the programme now on my private PC and later switch the files to my business PC. Which of your world maps would that be? Regards,

Nanty H., The Netherlands

Hi Nanty, thank you for visiting, I would use our Mercator with Countries PowerPoint map, it is easy to color, each country is an individual element that can be customized, it has the country names and you can do all the projection stuff using PowerPoint. PowerPoint files are easy to move around and that program is pretty much available anywhere.

Our PowerPoint editable maps are royalty free and once you purchase them you can use them on all your projects with out any additional costs.


I want to get a map of the 50 states that I can download and that I can color to show which states are likely to go Republican in November, which are likely to go Democratic and which are “swing” states. What do you have?
Thank you!

Terry C. Chicago

Thank you for visiting our site and for your question. We have two editable USA maps in PowerPoint that would work for you. The difference is one has two letter state names and the other has the full name. Both are fully editable with each state an individual element that you can color using the fill bucket in the Drawing Bar. For the swing states you can use the pattern fill in the paint bucket and choose a two color pattern. Should work just fine.


And then some wonderful comments

They just arrived. I’ll think they will be perfect. Thanks.

Hello Bruce,
I just wanted to let you know that the Maps are wonderful, so easy to use and customize, many a comment have we received about the quality. Thanks again,
J & R Fitzgerald, Harrisburg, PA

Maps are just what I was looking for, thank you.
Stefan H., Duesseldorf, Germany

Just wanted to say that your maps are amazing. We’ve been looking for maps like these for a while. Thanks again.
Brian B, Nashua, NH


What Do We Get in the Editable, Royalty Free,
PowerPoint Clip Art Map Collection?

You get easy to edit, printable, royalty free, PowerPoint maps, that you can download and start using right away. The maps come right in a PowerPoint file so they are easy to just click on a state or country with your pointer and start coloring and changing.

The immediate download PowerPoint clip art map collection includes:

  • World Projection maps, with and without editable countries and country names, includes Mercator, Robinson and Sinusoidal projections

World Projections PowerPoint Editable Map

  • US maps in a variety of styles, with and without text, some with highways, cities, all different ways

US and Canada PowerPoint Editable Map, USA

  • 50 US State maps with major highways, waterways and cities, All elements can be removed or changed

US States and County PowerPoint Editable Map

  • 50 US Counties maps in two ways, one set with each state nice and large with editable counties, great for a territory map and a second set that can be fitted together to form a regional county map. In both sets the counties are individual elements that can be colored.

  • Canada and all of the Canadian provinces

  • World Regional maps with countries, including; Africa, Antarctic, Australia Oceania, Central America, CIS Asia, CIS Country, Eastern, Europe, Europe with Rivers, Israel Middle East, Latin America, Mediterranean, Middle East, North America, Scandinavia, South, America, Southeast Asia, former Yugoslavia

World Regions PowerPoint map, Editable

  • Over 90 individual country maps, with about half including their administrative districts, includes every major country, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, Denmark, Hong Kong and lots more.

Country PowerPoint Editable Map

  • World Projection maps - Globes; Africa, Australia, Europe, India Asia, Japan Pacific, Middle East, North & South America, North America, North Atlantic Ocean, North Pole, Pacific, South America, South India Ocean, South Pole

How Much Do Your Maps Cost?

Our downloadable PowerPoint maps cost $149.95 for a one year subscription with unlimited downloads. The subscription access lasts a year, but the maps are yours to keep forever. During that year you can come back as often as you want and download as many as you want.

We also have a very popular backup CD-ROM that includes all of the editable, royalty free, PowerPoint maps that are on the web site, plus a whole lot more, for an additional $50.00. This option also includes the same immediate unlimited web download access for the year just with a backup CD that we mail out. And just like the download maps, they are yours to keep forever.

What is Included in the Download Editable Map Collection

Lots of editable, royalty free PowerPoint Maps

• World of Maps Editable PowerPoint Maps

• World of Maps Adobe Illustrator Editable Maps

• JPG Versions of Every Map

And on the Backup CD-Rom

All of the above plus

• CIA World Factbook Maps and Flags

• CIA World Country and Regional Maps

World of Maps CD back up disc


What If I Don’t Like the Maps?

We have a 100% unconditional guarantee, if you don’t like them just call or email me and
we will give you all your money back, no questions asked.

100% guarantee on World of Maps PowerPoint Clip Art maps


3. Here’s What I Want You to Do Next

Click on the Link Below and Buy our Maps, Simple as That

Click on the Add to Cart button below to purchase our PowerPoint maps or on this link
to place your order.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and learning about our editable,
royalty free PowerPoint maps for presentations. If you would like to learn more about our maps and try out some free samples please visit our main site at www.bjdesign.com, you can also purchase the maps from that site.


Bruce Jones
I’m guy who drew all the maps and who picks up the phone and answers the questions. I love questions and am happy to help with getting you started, give a call at 781-255-7171.

And for those Adobe Illustrator user we also have a full collection of editable Adobe Illustrator maps at http://www.bjdesign.com, same maps just in Illustrator format.



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